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Friday, April 28, 2006

UNITED 93: It's stupendous. I say that as someone who doesn't do movie reviews; to the best of my knowledge this is my first. I won't try to do a full review because, frankly, I'm still reeling from the movie's emotional punch. I'll just agree with this reviewer:
There's also no way to watch United 93 and not relive the surreal horror of the World Trade Center attacks and the jet that hit the Pentagon. And there's no way to watch this extraordinarily powerful film and not be in awe of what human beings are capable of - both good and bad.
The movie is not balanced, however. America haters will wonder why the filmmaker didn't focus on the psychology of the hijackers, who must have had really nasty childhoods to cause them to do such a mean thing as crash a plane filled with innocent passengers. And why not at least one reference to Bush and Cheney and their behind-the-scenes roles as masterminds of the September 11 nightmare? Yes, the usual crackbrain leftists have their theories about why and how 9/11 was an inside job. Chalk it up to “the combination of embitterment and not thinking," as Philip Roth describes the syndrome in his novel I Married a Communist. Forget about these morons. Go see United 93 as soon as you can. Warning: Don't think of taking young children. See it for yourself and then make sure the kids understand, in terms appropriate to their developing minds, that we must be willing to defend this nation is we intend to remain a nation. (While you're at it, pop 'em some popcorn and make sure they know how much you love 'em. The scenes of passenger-parents leaving voice mail "I love you" messages for their kids were excruciating.)