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Thursday, April 27, 2006

DOUBLE OR NOTHING: The Duke lacrosse accuser says the attack wasn't the first. Ten years ago, three men raped her, she claims. More evidence of the sheer pervasiveness of the patriarchy which empowers men to rape with impugnity. That, or she's one unlucky gal who makes her living getting naked at private parties attended by underage drunken males. Or she's an out and out liar. Maybe some combination of all three. Meanwhile, this case looks like it's cooked. A victim of a crime who failed to bring charges at the time will be targeted by defense lawyers — as she should be, and no, that's not the same as putting the "victim" on trial. Quotes meant to indicate doubts about she deserves to be taken any more seriously than Al Sharpton's buddy Tawana Brawley. Best guess: the D.A. who brought the charges can now withdraw them and keep his job, having gotten the political mileage he wanted from the Durham voting demographic he was aiming to impress. One more point: Regardless of the facts in this case, it's time to think about changing the rape shield law. Either amend so those who file complaints are named exactly like the alleged perpetrators; or protect the privacy of the accused along with the privacy of the accuser.