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Friday, April 28, 2006

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY GASBAGS: There's something about shameless people that's just plain embarrassing. Such persons appear incapable of being embarrassed by their own contemptible behavior (recall Billy Jeff Clinton and his gal pal Monica), hence someone must step in to fill the void. Armchair psychology aside, how simply pathetic: the spectable of Democrats and Republicans trying to best each other in an opportunism derby over gas prices. And how disappointing to find Andrew Sullivan joining the fray by bemoaning the "death of conservative government" and then advocating sharply increased gas taxes to compel policy outcomes he favors. (Headline to Andrew: that's called social engineering and it's what liberals do.) The brightest cloud on the horizon comes from Krauthammer, who gets it entirely right about the alleged gas-price crisis. It's called Supply & Demand. Meanwhile, how about an excess-rhetoric tax, with both Pelosi and Specter paying top bracket rates?