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Thursday, April 27, 2006

ARREST HIM NOW, GET IT OVER WITH: Virginia Senator George Allen has a race problem. A fact that will almost surely torpedo his presidential ambitions has emerged from Allen's recent past. Well, not that recent. More like over three decades ago, but still — investigative journalists must write, so they can get quoted by bloggers, so they get on Hardball, so they can get big book contracts. But I digress. A New Republic investigative journalist reports that George Allen wore a confederate flag pin for his high school yearbook photo! The article that documents this horrifying fact doesn't say Allen spent his weekends rising up through the Klan hierarchy, but isn't it up to Allen to prove he was never a member of the Klan or any other hate group? Must we not assume, otherwise, that he's a terrible racist? Turn yourself in now, Senator. Make it easy on the thought police. They've got so many other people to destroy, so little time to do it. I wore a black anti-war armband in high school, and much worse: bell bottoms and long sideburns. May lawyer's on call for when the pics surface.