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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Racist Voter Fraud Measures?

All of us have heard liberals complain that requirement for voters to produce photo ID cards are repressive, racist, marginalizing, rigged against poor people. Now we learn that a specific electoral system makes use of photo ID cards, electronic fingerprints and computers that can pinpoint each voter's home on a map. Moreover, on voting day every polling station receives a book of digital photos to help identify voters! Surely the sinister aim of such a reactionary voting system can be none other than to exclude persons of color and poor people. Tell that to the Mexican government — it's their system. Here's how their oppressive electoral system works. When voting results are announced today, elections offices nationwide will check the tally sheets and issue final totals. Those results will be sent to Mexico's Electoral Court, which certifies the winner. No chads, hanging or otherwise. This is how a country with stringent immigration rules seeks to ensure that only qualified people vote. So here's a thought. Suppose we here in El Norte adopt Mexico's immigration and voting rules, while we still have a culture and an electoral process worth protecting? And since we're asking inconvenient questions: Suppose a white Mexican citizen of Western European descent — say a blue-eyed blonde Swede who got tired of all the snow and took up permanent residence at Oaxaca — attempted to vote in his new country's presidential election. Would Mexican election officials commit a "racisct act" by demanding that this citizen produce a photo ID on voting day? Would that constitute "racial profiling" of a person of (fair) color? Why is the UN commission on human rights silent on these troubling issues?