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Monday, July 03, 2006

Lieberman's Base...

...just got much bigger. Joe Lieberman's decision to file as an independent is politically smart. It also happens to be the right moral choice. This is a senator who considers himself a loyal Democrat in the tradition of Harry Truman, a Democrat whose principaled refusal to abandon Iraq to fascists appeals to Connecticut independent voters, even as Leiberman's commitment to principle offends the Democratic Party's far-left base. Ned "Surrender Now" Lamont accuses Leberman of trying to "hedge his bets and game the system." No, it's called: aiming to win. Memo to Ned: If you're so confidant that you're the voice of the people, why don't you too file as an independent and put your "populist" agenda (tax increases, expensive new government social programs, gutting national defense) before Connecticut voters in November?