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Saturday, June 24, 2006

It takes a tough guy to surrender

Senator Kerry opposed the Levin amendment because it didn't set a date certain for U.S. troops to flee from Iraq. "It's the same program as the president," Kerry complains to Anderson Cooper. "What is the difference?" Kerry wants us to know that it takes strength to abandon a people seeking to be free after decades of despotism. "I believe you have to have a tough policy that actually gets the job done." None of this namby-pamby "kind of like surrender but not quite" stuff for the ever-heroic Jon de Kerrie, who in his free time enjoys windsurfing and going for manicures. No, what we need is a tough policy of full-boar capitulation, a run away plan with teeth. "The only way to hold people accountable is to force them to stand up." This mind-numbing bromide comes from man whose comrades in arms say he acquired a Purple Heart for a self-inflicted butt injury caused by rice pellets.