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Monday, May 08, 2006

NEW CIA PICK: If the well-being of the Republic is threatened by placing a military officer in charge of the CIA today, was it also dangerous when Jimmy Carter tapped Admiral Stansfield Turner for the same gig nearly three decades ago? With only a couple of reservations, Turner declares General Hayden "very qualified and very capable." Then again, "Jimmy Carter and Stansfield Turner proved a grim team to lead the CIA, so the admiral’s example may not be very helpful to General Hayden," notes Rich Noyes over at News Busters. My gut tells me Rush has it right when he sees a smart Bush strategy in the Hayden choice, namely:
If they bring this guy up and the Democrats want to go on display once again attacking an Air Force man, a military man who's making it plain that he views his job, number one, the defense and the security of this country, in their already-won-everything mode, they're going to shoot themselves in the foot. I think they're going to do that anyway.