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Monday, May 08, 2006

FLORIDA SENATE SEAT: Gov. Jeb Bush just said what's obviously on the minds of reality-tuned observers of the Sunshine State's impending Senate campaign: Katherine Harris's cause is dead in the Gulf. It's clearly too late for the "Who will tell Katherine?" question because there's no doubt she's aware of the doubts. Oddly, or perhaps understandably, the doubts appear to be fueling her stubborn refusal to leave the race and throw her support to a Republican who stands a chance to putting the state's second Senate seat in the GOP column this fall. Let me be clear: I'm with those who believe the current GOP congressional leadership is an affront to the core values of the Reagan Revolution. That said, oh how sickening: the thought of Harry Reid running the Senate a year from now. Yes, it's a hard sell, this "lesser of two evils" argument. That's why I'm hoping the congressional majority will use the next few months to start acting like people who remember what Reagan stood for and why — so people who believe in limited government and the rule of law can feel good about going to the polls to help keep the Congress from falling into the hands of the really bad players who make up the mean-spirited goon squad that the political party of Jack Kennedy has become. (JFK was no saint but he understood the evil of communism and lowered tax rates across the board.)