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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

PBS ASSAULTS FATHERS: On October 20, PBS stations around the country will air a one-hour documentary entitled “Breaking the Silence; Children’s Stories.” The program is an arrow aimed at the heart of the shared parenting movement, arguing that men who want to share custody of their children are generally not fit to do so. The program claims that in 75 percent of cases in which fathers seek either shared or sole custody of their children, the dads have a history of being batterers. The show also claims that two-thirds of the time mothers allege domestic violence, custody goes to the fathers anyway. The program further implies that almost all child abusers are fathers and that parental alienation is a ruse by batterers to win custody. These assertions are false. The program gives no air time to opposing points of view. Talk radio host Glenn Sachs is shining his spotlight on PBS for broadcasting blatant propaganda. Sachs was previously successful effort to drive "Boys are Stupid" products out of 3,500 stores worldwide — 95 percent of their total distribution. Last summer over 2,000 Sachs listeners bombarded California legislators with calls and letters and helped kill SB 730, a bill which would have given custodial mothers the unlimited right to move our children whenever and wherever they want to. All the Sacramento experts said Sachs would lose that campaign, and all the experts were wrong. Are there abusive fathers who make lousy parents? Of course there are. There are also abusive mothers. But the idea that men are uniquely unqualified to parent their kids represents the most virulent feminist propaganda — this time, paid for by your tax dollars. Let PBS know what you think. And keep up the pressure to cut off the taxpayer pipeline to so-called public broadcasting. As George F. Will points out, in an age of 500-channel TV the very notion of public broadcasting is a "preposterous relic."