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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

FAKE SCIENCE BASHES FAITH: A new study by a leading scientist proves religion is toxic to America's social and cultural health. If you noticed a headline making this claim a couple of weeks ago, you may have wondered about the study and the social scientist who conducted it. Here's what the mainstream media forgot to mention when they trumpeted the story. The science is sham ... and as for the scientist, Lee Duigon has the story:
By now you’ve probably heard of a new “scientific study,” rescued from obscurity by the London Times, that “proves” that religious belief is the source of America’s social ills. What you haven’t heard is that the “social scientist” who authored the study, Gregory S. Paul, is in fact a freelance writer and illustrator best known for his drawings and paintings of dinosaurs... If he has an advanced degree in anything, he has successfully concealed it.