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Thursday, October 13, 2005

POLITICALLY CHARGED: Harriet Miers testified she would not join the Federalist Society because the group is “politically charged.” Asked if she would likewise consider the NAACP to be a politically charged group, Miers specifically said no. Hello? This nomination grows more surreal by the day. Does the president really want to put Harriet Miers before a Senate panel, most of whose GOP members will be grilling her ferociously about conservative credentials, most of whose Democratic members will demand to know how she can possibly put aside her rather clear anti-abortion sentiments? If Miers is as loyal to Dubyah as she appears to be, she'll step aside now and let the president start from scratch. Then again, she may well be a "pit bull in size 6 shoes," in which case she and her mentor might be willing to go to the mat. Is this really how George W. Bush wants to spend his remaining political capital?