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Monday, October 10, 2005

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: In the event that what Arlen Spector calls Miers' "crash course" on the Constitutional finds her ill-prepared for the hearings, pro-abortion Democrats eager to deal Bush a body blow may join with principled conservative senators to defeat her nomination in the judiciary committee. So thinks Bill Kristol:
We are headed towards hearings that will in no way resemble the recent triumph of John Roberts. These hearings will not be easy for Miers, as she will have to at once demonstrate a real knowledge of constitutional jurisprudence, reassure conservative constitutionalists, and presumably placate Democrats as well. Conservative senators will for the most part withhold judgment until the hearings are completed. Many have already said as much, leaving open the possibility of a no vote in the event things do not go well. It would be awkward, of course, if a combination of conservative and Democratic votes defeated Miers. But this is a moment where it is more important that conservatives stand for core principles than that they stand with the president.