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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Harvard's diversity hustle

It continues to amaze all but the most hardened minds that the left's continuous celebration of "diversity" remains so stunningly skin deep. Diversity of demographic categories (race, ethnicity, gender) is assumed to be an unquestioned good — but let there never be diversity of conviction, belieft, principle, worldview. Black conservatives who challenge racial preferences, common-sense feminists who mock the women-as-permanent-victims script, independent lesbians who celebrate traditional marriage but also favor equal rights — they're regularly branded as turncoats, sell-outs, traitors to "the cause." Nobody covers this beat better than Heather MacDonald. Check out her stellar coverage of Harvard's new $50 million faculty "diversity" crusade — and see why money is no more likely than constant groveling to win Harvard Prez Summers love, let alone respect, from the psychiatric wing of his university's righteous humanities faculty.