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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Their numbers are growing, and some of them actually live in your town, perhaps in your very neighborhood. Good news for a change: They're not a threat. Except maybe to those who subscribe to the idea that people do best with fewer options. I'm talking about parents who take responsibility for educating their kids at home. My latest article is posted at my Web site. Money quote:
Many homeschooling parents say there’s still a widespread assumption “out there” that families who opt for home education are … a little … strange. This from a Marin mom who agreed to speak off the record: “At first I was amazed at the looks on people’s faces when I mentioned that we’re a homeschooling family. It was like we were members of some strange cult. I learned to joke about it by adding: ‘But our house does have electricity and running water, and we even own a motor vehicle.’”
Homeschooling is not an easy row to hoe, but more and more parents are obviously concerned enough about growing public school trends to seek alternatives. What kinds of trends? Well, A Santa Rosa, California, public high school now makes birth control supplies available right on campus. To my mind, this policy doesn't go far enough. Here's what I suggested in a previous post here at Sane Nation.