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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comments — resolved

Prior to publication of my manifesto Leaving the Left, this blog was set up to receive comments (pro or con or in between) from readers. Then a handful of character assassins and assorted anonymous demogogues began posting obscene and hateful attacks. I decided to disable the comments feature because I refused to host a forum for that. Then I realized: That's how intellectual bullies operate: They can't win in the realm of ideas so they work to close down venues for free and open discourse. See Harvard or any major college campus in America for constant reminders of political correctness in action. So I restarted the comments section, with this proviso: I would remove posts that engage in the kinds of attacks described above. What I failed to realize is how that would set me up to constantly police my blog. Who needs that? So the comments are once again gone, but with this new proviso. I look forward to occasionally featuring the perspectives of smart, informed people who may agree or disagree with what appears in this space. When I learn something new from people who think I'm off base, I'll occasionally present their views, anonymously. So the comment section is gone, but the opportunity for genuine feedback lives on.