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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where I stand

"But where do you personally stand, now that you've exited the left?" I understand why this continuing question is of interest, given the thrust of my recent essay. In many ways it's an obvious and necessary question. Tell us where you've gone, now that you've left. Since my essay was unapologetically first person about leaving, why not the same approach to where I've gone. Point taken. In an interview on the opening page of my Web site I discuss in broad terms how my political perspective has evolved and what matters most to me now, and why. As for specific issues, stay tuned over time. What I post here tends to track items in the news. I don't have a party platform to put forward, nor my own version of a Contract with America. Newt Gingrich tried that — look where it got him. If you resonated with what I wrote in Leaving the Left, hang around. I plan to explore, amplify, articulate those ideas. Since many of you have asked: Yes, I have decided to write a book that will give a fuller account of my political journey — from there to here, and from here on out. Thus ends my commentary about the essay. Let's move on.