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Monday, July 17, 2006

A Matter of Values

Democrats have made no secret of their desire to get a handle on the whole values thing. What motivates so-called values voters? How can we ever so progressive types convey to the American electorate what exactly we value? What is a value, anyhow? These are the basic questions Democratic Party pollsters keep bringing to focus groups to find out how the liberal left, pretending not to be either liberal or left, can convince most American voters that Democrats share their values. For one thing, Democratic Party leaders need to do better at communicating what matters to them — much as a liberal activist recently made clear her rage toward Sen. Barbara Boxer for having the audacity to campaign for her colleague Sen. Joe Lieberman. Doesn't Boxer understand that now is the time for all good progressives to rally their forces to defeat Lieberman for daring to root for the pro-freedom side in the Iraq war effort? Mervis Reissig of Sonoma County, a leader of the Progressive Democrats of America, says she is in a "state of shock" because Boxer is "doing is a total invalidation of one of our main values" by supporting pro-war Lieberman:
"Right now the war is a more important issue than choice.''
Well. Here we have a liberal-left activist confessing that as much as she values a woman's right to terminate womb-inhabiting babies, her commitment to American failure in Iraq is even greater. Take that to your next focus group comprised of mainstream Americans, Nancy Pelosi. Let us know if there's a good values mesh.