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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

LEGACY: George W. Bush: a Rockefeller Republican who prayed a lot. Is this how history will remember the man? The groundswell now emerging against the amnesty disguised as a "comprehensive solution" makes it reasonable to wonder: Is Bush headed toward the same dismal presidential echelon as the famously tone-deaf peanut farmer who got elected only because of Nixon's near-destruction of the GOP and Gerald Ford's bizarre insistence that Poland wasn't "dominated" by the Soviet Union? Apparently Rove thinks he can eke out GOP control of both houses of Congress by "turning out the base" yet again. Keep dreaming, big guy. It's the base that's furious, Karl — livid at you and your boss, no matter how many times you try to play the married-gays-are-coming card. It has taken time for conservatives to "get it" that Bush has been wrong about everything important, except: the need to defeat jiadism, the importance of low taxes, and of course solid judicial appointments. Don't get me wrong: Those aren't minor achievements. But their importance to GOP voters and conservative independents will continue to wane as Bush continues to blow it on immigration, and as he allows the war in Iraq to drag on rather than kicking ass the way Reagan would have, and the way Shelby Steele wonders why we aren't doing now. One remembers the Reagan stalwarts who pleaded with the Gipper not to select GHW Bush for the second spot on the ticket, not to bring this philosophically neutered Texas careerist into the inner circle, not to trust him with the future of the Reagan Revolution. Oh well. Maybe it's true that Republicans govern best when they're in the minority, because that's when the remember the dangers of power. Let's practice. "Speaker Pelosi." Deep breath, now try: "President-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton." At least we'd know what we're getting.