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Thursday, December 15, 2005

DIZZY DEAN: A growing number of Democratic Party leaders are concerned that their party chairman may be a loose cannon. Oh, really? Howard Dean ran one of the most bombastic, ideologically polarizing presidential campaigns since George McGovern's. He never missed a chance to take hard-edged stands or to make provocative statements, for instance: his infamous declaration of neutrality on the matter of Osama bin Laden’s guilt for allegedly masterminding the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks; and let's not forget his grudging admission that the world might be a better place with Saddam Hussein in jail. Dean's crusade self-destructed in the early primaries, resulting in a general consensus that he and his team ran a lousy campaign. Wait, it gets better. The candidate who showed himself to be politically tone deaf in his own misbegotten campaign decides he's cut out to run the nuts-and-bolts political machinery of the Democratic Party. Even crazier, the DNC takes Dean at his word that he would stay away from policy pronouncements and focus on electing Democrats. The simple fact is Dean has spent his term playing to the Michael Moore left with proclamations like his most recent: No way the United States cannot win the war in Iraq. Some say the Democratic Party is rudderless. Now that's a joke. The rudder's firmly in place, the doctor's at the helm and the destination appears to be the Bermuda Triangle. Talk about physician-assisted suicide.