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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

IDIOCY WATCH: Esquire names Bill Clinton "The Most Influential Man in the World." Precisely how seriously this accolade should be taken is made clear by Esquire editor David Granger's claim that Clinton is poised to become "something like a president of the world or at least a president of the world's non-governmental organizations." I love "something like" here. "Poised"? Simpler and more to the point: "Whoa! Dude! Bill! Rocks!" Actually I'm all for bringing Bill back to center stage. Now that he's a born-again anti-war protester, I want him to account for his ominous claims about Saddam's pre-war potential to create serious world danger. And I wouldn't mind hearing Amazing Bill's latest rendition of why he chose not to take out bin Laden when Clinton's White House had Osama clearly in its sights. More Bill Now!