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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CULTURAL SUICIDE WATCH: If the Left’s larger goal is actually for America to commit cultural suicide, in the interests of competence and even mastery it makes sense to work efficiently toward that end rather than waste time on half measures. In that spirit, the pro-balkanization Left will want to look to France for a compelling three-step paradigm. Step one: Open national borders to immigrants who not only don’t share Western cultural norms but actively oppose them. Two: Encourage a mass influx of such immigrants into the social welfare system, with no expectation that they will assimilate. Three: When the unassimilated enclaves proceed to subvert traditional cultural institutions and social norms, let the president call for "dialogue" and "mutual respect," two Western cultural values for which the unassimilated subculture feels absolute contempt because they stand in the way of the post-democratic society they intend to achieve. Advice to the Malibu gated-community multiculturalists who admire the French model: Better fortify your gates while you can, the deluge is closer to home — yours — than you think. Revolutionaries generally turn on their liberal enablers first.