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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

EXIT SCHEER: On the heels of revelations that the L.A. Times' circulation has dropped 3.79 percent over the past six months, the Times has fired its most notorious Blame America First columnist, Robert Scheer. Anybody want to argue there's no causal relationship? Scheer is one of the most venomous, bitter, reflexively anti-U.S. writers in America today, a holdover from the worst of the 1960s protest movement that embraced every left-wing dictator the world had to offer. No surprise that Times readers have been turning off. The surprise is how long it has taken for a once-great newspaper to wake up to reality. One wonders when the San Francisco Chronicle will likewise emerge from its slumber. With daily circulation down 16.5% to 400,906 copies, a huge drop, the Chronicle has given Scheer a weekly home in its way-left op-ed section. Time will tell whether the circulation and editorial departments will agree on the wisdom of this decision.