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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Congressional Leftists Unite!

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is on the march. Comprised of 59 House members from far-left districts who face political jeopardy only when they mistakenly forget to insert "tax increase" into a speech on any subject, the CPC is ready to be "more of a player in a capital city where conservative Republicans are solidly in charge," according to an article in today's San Francisco Chronicle. Top priorities: Mandatory universal health care, bring home the troops now, stop media consolidation. Nothing new there, but these italicised passages from the article offer some interesting glimpses into the mindset of the far congressional left. "This is a reinvigoration. It shows our understanding of where the country is," said one of the caucus' two co-chairs, Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D- Petaluma. "Democrats are hungry to hear their voice.''
Democratic voters in the 59 most liberal districts in America represent the thinking of the nation as a whole? Here's the deal on Woolsey: She really believes that. (I'm guessing she's also on record demanding a recount in the presidential election — the one McGovern lost.)
"Never have I seen our caucus so united," Rep. Barbara Lee said.
All 59 left-wing House members are feeling more united than ever? Wow, there's a headline. Looks like Richard Mellon Scaife better start pumping more cash into the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy, and fast.
It was clear they are all hungry for action. "We like it when someone says no to George Bush,'' John Nichols, the Nation's Washington correspondent, told the throng.
Free advice to the left: America is already aware that you know how to say "No." America is waiting to hear whether you can say anything else.
The Progressive Caucus ... is one of dozens of caucuses boosting all kinds of causes and concerns, from wine and hunting to the Balkans and African Americans.
OK, so I get the first three issues. But can someone explain to me how African Americans as a demographic category constitute either a "cause" or a "concern"? Any guesses about how the Progressive Caucus would respond if Trent Lott were to cite "White People" as a cause or concern?
The event was sponsored by a swarm of liberal groups eager to take on conservatives. They included MoveOn.org, the Nation magazine, the American Civil Liberties Union, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Americans for Democratic Action, the Human Rights Campaign, Peace Action and Hip Hop Caucus, and a host of others.
Welcome to the team, "Hip Hop Caucus." Nice to see the left finally reaching out. Can I start laughing now?