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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Malkin on Schiavo

The intrepid Michelle Malkin reports on having actually read the 39-page autopsy report: "You do not need a medical examiner's license to see that the report raises many more questions than it answers, though from the (once again) misleading media coverage, we are led to believe that the matters of Terri's life and murder are resolved. They are not." Contrary to the euthenasia movement's spin machine, Terri didn't suffer a heart attack, nor were there signs of bulemia; yet the MSM continues to describe the medical examiner's findings as a vindication for the decision to cause Schiavo's death. Malkin nails it:
Terri Schiavo, a profoundly disabled woman who was not terminally ill and who had an army of family members ready to care for her for the rest of her natural life, succumbed to forced dehydration at the hands of her spouse-in-name-only. This is something to gloat about?
One thing had bugged me for a while. Terri Schiavo wasn't "dying." So what was she doing in a hospice in the first place? Hospice patients are supposed to emerge under a sheet, wheeled out on a gurney. Terri Schiavo was put there to die. The medical examiner determined that her heart was strong. That wasn't part of Michael Schiavo's script. Michael was ready to "move on." Terri Schiavo wasn't. We know how the story ended.