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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Comet Busting Causes Oppression

A Russian astrologist is suing NASA for "ruining the natural balance of forces in the universe" by busting a hole in a comet, thus "deforming her horoscope" and causing "moral sufferings." Laugh, but the astrologist's claim actually gives great insight (probably unintentionally) into the left's consistent worldview, where morality and ethics — to the extent that they are worth discussing — are always at the effect of external, material events. This is not to say the Russian astrologist is necessarily a left nutcase, but her assertion sounds a lot like the left's typical recourse to objective causation: "I am oppressed by external circumstances." But of course, even when external circumstances change — for instance, when Jim Crow laws get outlawed — the refrain stays largely the same: "I am oppressed by the historial residue of external circumstances." Maybe leftists just have bad karma — like from all the blood spilled in the name of creating a perfect Utopian state based on absolute equality?