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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Choosing the Right Revolution

"The Revolutionaries of 1776 clearly understood the integral relationship between individual consciousness and the nature of democracy, which depends upon free thinking moral agents with the capacity for the rational and moral renewal of self and society. So it seems altogether fitting that America last weekend again celebrated the continuing vitality of these ideas with fireworks filling the sky with explosions of light and sound. For, the fireball that originated the universe gave way to the first generation of stars, and eventually to our ancestors who first stood of two limbs; later using their hands to shape tools, soon thereafter to unleashing the Sun’s energy stored in sticks in the form of fire used to advance new projects; eventually giving voice and vote to a form of self-governance which depends on the consent of the governed while also providing for the equal protection of each citizen. "How amazing is that?" —from my latest article, at Front Page Magazine