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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Melanie Morgan's Moment

I generally don't talk about my personal life here, but the time has come to fess up about something that happens in my bedroom several times each week. I wake up with Melanie Morgan. Mondays through Fridays this striking, articulate blonde begins my morning with some variation on the following: "Just when you thought liberals couldn't be more stupid, get ready to hear about this morning's latest outrage from the hate-America left..." Melanie Morgan is half of the highly rated Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show on KSFO in San Francisco. Her resume describes Melanie as a successful broadcast journalist for nearly three decades, but those who have witnessed her political skills in action know her as nothing less than a force of nature. Melanie spearheaded the successful drive to recall Governor Gray Davis, arguably the most corrupt politician in twentieth century California politics — and the list of contenders for that title isn't short. Like me, Melanie's a former midwestern liberal, a parent, and a journalist-turned-commentator, many of whose friends and family members can't quite figure out why we said goodbye to the left. You can find out more about Melanie's views at her Website. And on October 19 you'll be able to get a copy of my new book Leaving the Left, a memoir that describes the stages and steps by which I got clear about the reactionary political and cultural movement which, in the best tradition of delusional thinking, proudly proclaims itself "progressive." Melanie and her award-winning coauthor Catherine Moy have written a book called American Mourning, the story of two families — the Johnsons and the Sheehans — that lost sons in the war on terror, best friends since they first met at Fort Hood in Texas, though their two families have little else in common. Kathleen Antrim, columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, offers this overview:
For over two years, Moy and Morgan researched and investigated the stories of Casey Sheehan and Justin Johnson and the impact their respective deaths had on their families. This book follows Joe Johnson from Georgia to Iraq. And, with shocking twists, it exposes the real Cindy Sheehan as she parlays her son’s demise into fame from California to Crawford, Texas, and on to Washington, D.C. “American Mourning” hits directly at the heart of America. It’s an important chronicle of America’s pain as we fight an enemy that threatens our very existence.
Count me delighted that Melanie's platform is about to get a lot bigger. This is excellent news for Americans committed to exposing the crucial common ground shared by self-loathing leftists, whose self esteem thrives on the very thought of U.S. setbacks in Iraq, and virulent global jihadists who can only feel perverse apprecation for the American left's useful contempt for the country in which they reside but steadfastly refuse to defend.