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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Depressed"? Who Would Have thought?

Iran and North Korea getting nukes. Nancy Pelosi in the Speaker's office. How to secure American ports against catastrophe. These are among the topics we could discuss today, but I'm tired of the A-list. I feel this need to go slumming. I have learned to honor this feeling. Accordingly, let's talk about Daniel Smith. Turns out Anna Nicole Smith's son died of an accidental drug overdose. Daniel Smith was taking two antidepressant drugs: Zoloft and Lexapro. In combination with metadone, the young man died. It's tragic, but it makes toxicological sense. Here's the part I do not understand: why this kid wouldn't have a really chipper attitude about life. While he was growing up, his mother became famous posing naked for men's magazines. True, later she ballooned to roughly the size of a walrus and did a reality TV show in which she regularly appeared falling down drunk or stoned or some combination of the two, yammering and giggling a lot. But she was just actualizing her potential in the world. At least she wasn't a stay-at-home mother. I mean, how embarrassing to have a mom who doesn't, you know, actualize her potential doing real work. Daniel Smith also had a father. OK, so Billy Smith had not seen his son since the boy was 2 years old. But it's not like the sperm donor was abusive or anything like that. Dad was just, like, gone a lot. He had things to do, beyond the whole repressive nuclear family trip. Depressed? Ya think?