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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Billy Jeff Clinton says he doesn't have the slightest idea whether his gal Hillary is a fixin' to run for president in two years. But he'll tell anyone who'll listen: if'n she was to run and win, why he'd "do whatever she wants" because that's what a good citizen would do. And Bill, he's not just a good citizen, why he's a first rate global citizen — like we all should be, don't ya know. Best line of the night:
"You have to make a world with more partners and fewer terrorists," he said. "And we know how to do that."
Yep, "we" do. Now it's true, a lot of 'em — the terrorists — have an idea how they'd like to partner with us, mostly by killing as many of us as they can. Well, we want 'em to know we think there's a better way of partnerin'. Why, to show good faith we'll even take the first step. To Al Qaeda: whatever we did — us Americans — to damage your self esteem so much that you felt compelled to plan an attack on our New York subways, we're just plain sorry, yessiree.