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Monday, June 12, 2006

To hell with a plan, we just want power

"Democrats to roll out action plan." So declares the San Francisco Chronicle's Monday front one lead headline. "We are unambiguously together on the grand agenda,'' declares Rep. Ellen Tauscher. "Our challenge is to get it down to the five easy pieces that everyone wants to hear. Our challenge is to be succinct,'' she said. Ready? Ta-da:
The Democratic National Committee in May distributed hundreds of thousands of door hangers outlining six elements of "The Democratic Vision,'' which included broad policy items such as "honest leadership & open government,'' and "a health care system that works for everyone.'' "I think that's a pretty good agenda, and I think that works from San Francisco to Selma, Ala.,'' [Howard] Dean said.
Powerful, substantial stuff! But, wait. Turns out not every Democrat is quite on board.
Democratic strategists are split among those who believe the party must aggressively show voters that they offer a reasonable alternative and those who warn against providing a target that might rally opponents.
Apparently they're worried that rolling out an actual program might get in the way of their quest for power. And I think they're right about that. Speaking of donkey-party geniuses, Democrat blogger David steps forth with: "John Kerry didn't lose his race for the president because of his position on any issue. He lost because they said he had no position on some issues." How stupid can a person be? Earth to Sirota: Kerry lost because team Bush successfully communicated to voters Kerry's extremly liberal voting record, and the fact that Kerry had taken at least two positions on every major issue. ("I voted for it before voting against it" being only the most obvious example.)