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Monday, August 08, 2005

THE UNBEARABLE LAMENESS OF BELAFONTE: In recent years Harry Belafonte has seemed determined to prove his strongest critics accurate when they say his reputation as a 20th century singer gives him no credibility to speak with intelligence about politics. That's putting it mildly. Belafonte consistently descends to Farrakhan depths of crudeness, invective and outright hatred whenever he is given a platform to opine about how "real blacks" (read: radical, left-wing, self-loathing, America-hating, Belafonte-like) are supposed to think, talk, and behave.

Belafonte's most recent outrage came this past weekend when he compared leading African-American officials in the Bush administration as "black tyrants" at a weekend march, likening the administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Attending an Atlanta rally called drum up support for extending and strengthening the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Belafonte let loose with this preposterous lie:

"Hitler had a lot of Jews high up in the hierarchy of the Third Reich. Color does not necessarily denote quality, content or value."

Belafonte used the event to continue his longstanding campaign of vilifying black Americans who dare to identify themselves as conservatives or Republicans: "[If] a black is a tyrant, he is first and foremost a tyrant, then he incidentally is black. Bush is a tyrant and if he gathers around him black tyrants, they all have to be treated as they are being treated," he added. Belafonte previously attacked Colin Powell as the equivalent of a "house slave" for serving in the Bush administration, and refused to even appear at an Africare awards dinner unless the organization agreed to his demand that Condaleeza Rice's invitation be revoked. So much for the left's valuted commitment to "dialogue" and "inclusiveness."

Belafonte showed no reluctance to share the stage with tyrants in Castro's Cuba. At a June 2000 rally in Havana honoring the American Soviet spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, observers reported Belfonte shedding tears as he condemned America's racist history. Speakers extolled Cuba "as an example of keeping the principles the Rosenbergs fought and died for alive."

The "Bush is Hitler" motif has become a staple of the Hollywood left in recent years. Anyone who thinks the analogy is too over the top to be worthy of attention, consider this. A Google search for "George W. Bush is a Nazi" returns 894,000 hits. "Adolph Hitler is a Nazi" returns 887,000, only seven thousand more hits. Here's what's stunning: Hitler really was a Nazi.

"Banana Boat," one of the songs that helped make Belafonte a millionaire, features this memorable refrain: "Daylight come and he wan' go home." Belafonte's increasingly pathetic declarations can't survive the scrutiny of daylight. The singer says he "wan' go home." Do it now, Harry. Unless your goal is to be remembered as a talented 1950s-60s entertainer who descended into traitorous ignominy like your pals the Rosenbergs.