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Sunday, August 07, 2005

THE ROBERTS KIDS: Drudge says the New York Times is questioning the "legality" of the Roberts adoptions. It's inconceivable to me that two lawyer parents of the Roberts' stature would risk their careers by skirting the law in adoption proceedings. If the Times has evidence, they should bring it forward. But if this is just a fishing exhibition, the Times will deserve the kind of backlash that nearly brought CBS News to its knees over the Bush memo forgery. If the Times is using the Roberts' adoption as a cover for its political crusade to bring down the Roberts nomination, I hope adopted children and adoptive parents throughout the nation will rise up and let the Times know they've gone down a very wrong and bad road. Disclosure: I have no personal experience with adoption. I'm not even sure I know any adopted kids or adoptive parents. But the thought that the Times might be conducting a witch hunt via these two small children is so far beyond the pale that I can't even find words. (Yes I can. It would be evil.)