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Monday, August 01, 2005

HILLARY'S PROBLEM IS HILLARY: So say a growing number of liberal Democratic activists who would be delighted to see her make it to the White House but don't believe she can. Here's how a diarist on the left-wing Daily Kos describes Hillary's deficits:
Her voice is flat. Her affect is flat. Words that might be dramatic and inspiring coming out of the mouth of someone who understands the cadences of great speechmaking sound instead like a shopping list where every item has exactly equal interest and concern. Every phrase of every sentence more or less the same. No variations in pitch. No tension and release. No peaks and valleys. Flat. She is saying almost all the right things, painting a lovely picture of Blue America, but she doesn't look or sound very excited about it. She threw all the spaghetti on the wall, mentioning all the progressive hot button issues, everything including the kitchen sink, with a little of that infuriating opportunistic DLC centrism along for the ride, but there was no focus, no overarching point, no sense of building up to something significant... Bottom line: Hillary Clinton has no ability to inspire. When she speaks, she doesn't even appear to be interested in her own words.... Can everyone please just stop talking about her as a presidential candidate?