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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TANCREDO'S NEXT CAMPAIGN: Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo is making serious noises about entering the GOP presidential primaries in 2008 in order to put immigration issues front and center. Tancredo has been willing to target not only the left's multiculturalist advocates of open borders but also American companies who hire illegals. The guy's got credibility when he argues for his three-point program: • "A secure border, including the application of military assets until the time when the border patrol can be brought up to speed on it." • "Aggressively go after all employers who are illegally hiring people who are undocumented because (employers) are the demand side of the problem." • "No amnesty of any kind, shape or variety." Tancredo's goal is to get these issues into the campaign, just as Ross Perot put the budget deficit on the political radar screen in 1992. Numerous voter surveys say the country's ready for action. Tancredo could change the dynamics of the entire race, especially with post-London concern about the open border to our south.