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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

HUGGING TERRORISTS TO THEIR SENSES: New Age teacher Deepak Chopra on the London bombings: "It would be naive to take the simple way out and call this an example of pure evil and depravity." Chopra has a better way to think about people who indiscriminately kill civilians. They're simply trapped by life circumstances. And not just the bombers and their networks of jihadists: "In a very real way we are all part of the London tragedy. Everyone is caught in the tangled web of social injustice, economic disparities, ecological disaster, war, and terrorism." The real problem: "The human species has become the most dangerous predator on our planet." Here's the question that matters to the Chopra-Oprah axis: "Will we ever see through our blindness and create a global community of connected humanity?" Chopra is hopeful: "Millions of people are ready to join in harmonious interaction with Nature -- and with our own complex inner nature -- to create a world of peace, harmony, laughter and love." So if you find yourself upset by the London massacre, remember: "Every tear can be a drop of nourishment for the new world that wants to be born and is making itself known little by little, every day. Each one of us can help create this critical mass by becoming the embodiment of peace conciousness through peace practices: "Being Peace Thinking Peace Feeling Peace Speaking Peace Acting Peace Creating Peace Sharing Peace Celebrating Peace." Put that in your grenade launcher and smoke it, Mister Zarqawi! If Chopra's sedative wears off and your anxiety about the real world begins to return, you can find the Deepster on a regular basis at the ever-entertaining Hollywood blogsite of Arianna Huffington.