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Thursday, July 28, 2005

FEUDING DEMS: Hillary's continuing quest to capture middle ground isn't playing well with the activists who play a decisive role in Democratic primaries. Byron York's latest NRO piece offers glimpses of a political party that's hard to distinguish from a dysfunctional family.
“It’s truly disappointing that this is the crap Hillary has signed on to,” Moulitsas concluded. “More of the failed corporatist bullshit that has cost our party so dearly in the last decade and a half.” By the “last decade and a half,” Moulitsas apparently meant the period in which the DLC helped jettison the Democratic Party’s soft-on-crime, soft-on-defense, soft-on-everything image, allowing Bill Clinton to win the White House. Now that’s some failed corporatist bullshit.
GOP strategists no doubt love this stuff, but they shouldn't bet on keeping the White House based solely on the Democrats' death wish. Even if the Roberts confirmation goes well, the president will still have two years left in his term. His Social Security campaign didn't play well in Peoria. What will the White House do as an encore? Do they have a bold initiative in mind? Maybe Steve Forbes' tax plan?