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Monday, May 23, 2005

Comments are Back

Later I realized that removing the option for readers to post comments here, simply because a few demogogues resorted to ugly name calling, plays exactly into what such people want: to close down discussion and debate altogether, rather than face the indignity of comments that challenge their deeply entrenched ideology. People who wrap themselves in the banner of the Free Speech Movement, spend their free time shouting down those who would freely speak contrary truths. This of course is the intellectual equivalent of what the friends of Michael Moore hope to accomplish by blowing up buildings and beheading innocent people in Iraq. The purveyors of terror will go to great lengths to ensure that the rituals of self-governance do not take hold in Iraq. One of their goals is to keep decent people cowed in silence. Well, it ain't gonna happen here. Express your views strongly and clearly; make your case on issues and ideas. But if you resort to name calling of any kind, your comments will be deleted, period.