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Friday, May 20, 2005

Sharing the Blame for Child Abuse

In the spirit of NBC's West Wing series, I'm taking a break from the blogosphere — but not for long. I'll be back in a day or so with something new musings. (As for West Wing, it's safe to say Martin Sheen and crew will be on hiatus until the Second Coming of Jesus is resolved on the interim series Revelations.) Today I'm posting a link to an op-ed essay I wrote about child abuse in America. The piece was written in response to a Stanford University professor's demand that men must take collective responsibility for child abuse in America. She was referring to the high-profile child abductions perpetrated by males. I agreed with the professor that men who hurt kids deserve severe punishment... Then I proceeded to point out a few facts that the radical wing of feminism ("All men are pigs") doesn't like to deal with. Hint: Hurting kids is not a gender issue — it's a human tragedy. Will someone please tell N.O.W.? The piece is three years old but in the wake of recent assaults on defenseless kids, what I had to say is still relevant, hence timely. I very much look forward to a day in this nation when it's neither.