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Friday, September 29, 2006

New Torture Photo Turns Up

Here we have photographic evidence depicting the heinous torture that American military forces regularly inflict upon the people of Iraq. You've heard of "waterboarding," but have you heard of "hand squeezing"? It's a sickening practice that is made to appear to be an ordinary handshake. The man in the white robe has been told (according to an unnamed sources who said he talked to Dan Rather, who heard that Michael Isikoff heard it from somebody who may have been Bob Woodward): "Smile or I'll say something that irritates your self esteem even more than your hand." This combination of physical and verbal abuse is so gruesome that highly sensitive John McCain and and ever empathic Lindsay Graham can't bring themselves to mention it without weeping, or at least sniveling, especially when speaking to audiences in New Hampshire and Iowa. My friends, can we put aside our partisan differences just this once and demand an end to this kind of barbarity before America loses further credibility, especially in Georgetown and Malibu?