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Monday, February 11, 2008

What Will Hillary Try Next?

Another weeping spell? Crying briefly helped in New Hampshire. Lots of women identified with the idea that she was being bullied by The Guys. But many of these same women are too savvy to buy whimpering as an ongoing winning strategy. Tears won't do the trick.
The race card. Bill tried it when he smugly compared Obama's victory to Jesse Jackson's 1980s presidential campaign. The strategy failed, to put it mildly — witness Obama's victories in Utah and Maine, where the white voters the Clintons hoped to spook didn't buy into the plan. Yet Bill somehow can't resist making race an issue, albeit in the guise of "complimenting" Obama for giving African Americans a reason to be proud. Nutshell: overt references to race will continue to backfire for team Clinton.
Super delegates to the rescue? Nope. It's ludicrous to think party leaders who serve as automatic delegates would pull Hillary over the top if it means invalidating Obama's voters. Most super delegates (in both parties) are elected politicians in their own right, thus not eager to take a stand for either candidate in a close race.
Well, that leaves Florida and Michigan, two states that violated DNC rules against creating early primaries. Democrat leaders in both states were warned not to break the rules. For Hillary to try to claim delegates in either state at this point would lead to inner party divisions reminiscent of the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968. It's true that the DNC could authorize Michigan and Florida Democrats to start from scratch in weeks to come, via caucus or primary. 
Texas and Ohio will save the day! So Hillary's minions continue to insist, echoed by her enablers in the mainstream media, against a growing body of evidence to the contrary. Ask Rudy Giuliani how smart it is to establish late primary states as your electoral firewall.
It's a poignant moment, almost Shakespearean. Hillary Clinton has wanted to be president since she and Bill teamed up at Yale. Now it seems to be slipping away. Oh, the indignity! Hillary hitched her wagon to Bill's Little Rock star, endured life in the hillbilly sticks because it would pay off in the long run. But the greatest insult must surely be Hillary's growing recognition that Bill has damaged her candidacy far more that he has helped it, and more, that her husband might actually want her to fail.
Meanwhile, this remarkable executive, possessed of such extraordinary hands-on experience, might want to explain how her campaign has gone virtually broke. And will we find out where she got $5 million to loan her campaign? Community property, feminists will respond. Fine. But clearly the money came from Bill's activities in the world. Lets have a look at the family tax returns. Obama and Michelle have released theirs. Hillary? Bill? Hello?