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Saturday, July 23, 2005

THE ISSUE IS FAITH: Dana Pico of Common Sense Political Thought writes to say he thinks news coverage of Jane Sullivan Roberts has a lot do with religious bigotry. It's hard to disagree in light of the Senate Democrats's ugly campaign against Judge Bill Pryor. Dana notes:
The stories about Mrs. Roberts are designed to keep pushing the idea that she (and therefore he) is Catholic. Every story about Mrs. Roberts is full of the Catholic references, both directly and in her educational background: an all-girls Catholic secondary academy, Holy Cross and Georgetown. They are setting up the same complain that they had against William Pryor, another Roman Catholic, that he had too "deeply held beliefs" to be confirmed. This is how they transfer Mrs. Roberts' pro-life views to Mr. Roberts: if she has them, and she's Catholic, well he's Catholic, too, so he must be as pro-life as his wife . . . and that just can't be trusted! It's a way to say what they want to say . . . without actually saying it.