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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Take Two

Hello again. I unplugged the phone. So, for the past decade my focus as a writer has been cultural and social issues, ranging widely from here to there to yikes what's this. That includes religion, ethics, science, gender politics, child development, business, law, health and fitness. Recent topics and themes:
  • the unwise logic of moral equivalenceissues facing the next generation of young Americans ("Gen Why");
  • restitution as a missing element in criminal justice;
  • how to train effectively to run a marathon;
  • medicinal marijuana as a federalist issue;
  • disgraceful anti-father bias in child custody politics.
  • Last but not least: how all the efforts to explain UFOs invariably reveal more about the explainers than the explained. (I wrote a book about that, called Angels and Aliens.)
Phew; stop me before I name more. That's what a writer's Web site is for: Thompson at Large.